A Family Affair

16 06 2011

This morning (14th June) Nala, Narnia and Kwali were together in the Etosha area, the Ns having finished eating on the most recent kill that they made in the Amboseli area on a previous day.

Kwali started to move off north which prompted a playful reaction from Narnia.  Kwali however was apparently not in the mood and Narnia was given a clear indication of this.  Retreating from the encounter to rest next to her sister Nala, the 2N girls decided to watch Kwali head off into the distance, this time towards route 66 and the signal of Ashanti, Milo and Phyre.  Athena and AT1 were still near the carcass they were last seen feeding on in the Tree-Tops area whilst Kenge was on her own with her last carcass in The Valley.

By mid-morning the Ns had hooked up with Athena and AT1 to help polish off the remains of the carcass whilst Kenge, still on her own, was having to fend off rising numbers of vultures for what was left of her kill.

The remaining members of the pride were at Ashanti’s den site in Hwange.  Lionesses make little attempt to keep newborns isolated from contact with the rest of the pride and will readily allow pride members to enter the den as and when those lions pass through the area where the den is sited.  Kwali was found to be resting closest to the cubs whilst Ashanti interacted briefly with Phyre who was being given some time off from the marathon that is the lion mating process by a currently sleeping Milo.

Evidence so far suggests that Ashanti has three cubs, but given the distance from which we can observe and the thick undergrowth in which Ashanti has chosen her den site, it is impossible to confirm at the moment.




One response

16 06 2011
Joyce Kinton

Oh so like the male species !!
Did what he wanted to keep the pride growing, then had to rest !!
Lovely Milo…hes soooo laid back !!! xx

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