The pride forms sub-group hunting parties to devastating effect

15 06 2011

We’ve had an eventful few days in Ngamo since the discovery of Ashanti’s cubs.

We rolled into the release site on the 11th to find the pride spread widely across the area.  First we found Kenge looking somewhat chuffed with herself next to a fresh sub-adult zebra kill in the Tree Tops area. Panting heavily and yet to open the carcass we left the huntress to catch her breath and to find the other pride members.

It appeared Milo, Phyre and Kwali were still keeping the new mother company in Hwange but some rather high-pitched squeals suggested Milo had other priorities. Phyre and Milo emerged from the thicket outrageously courting one another. Phyre flickered her tail and swaggered seductively back and forth in front of an infatuated Milo.

We re-entered the release site again that afternoon and had to double take as we found Kenge by a different sub-adult zebra kill some 200m from the one discovered earlier that day!  Who the culprit for this kill is will remain a mystery, although signal suggests Athena is also in the area.

On the 12th it appeared our lions were trying to prove a point as we found Nala and Narnia in Amboseli, the far side of the site from the rest of the pride, on a 3rd zebra kill…

By the 13th most of the meat had been fairly distributed – Nala and Narnia on one, Athena and AT1 on another, and Kenge on the third.  Phyre and Milo seemed too busy with other things to eat, whilst Ashanti remained in her den, although we assume all three of these lions will take a break from their various duties to partake in this unusually high amount of available food.

The downside to all this action is that we can expect some high levels of inactivity over the coming days as our pride digests their success.




3 responses

15 06 2011
Joyce Kinton

I just cant wait to see the proud MUm and her cubs !!!!!
Feeding seems a little easier now and they will have their work cut out to digest it all !!
Seems unkind to the Zebras but out there in the wild thats what happens and its absolutely nessacery for them to live….Its the order of things…
Wots been going on with Milo and Phyre ? more cubs soon ? wow this pride is growning all the time ”
When \are you coming back to TV David ? We miss you, but its so good to keep pace with all thats going on xxx

15 06 2011

Are any of the lions terrible at hunting obviously excluding Milo?

16 06 2011

Hi Tommy. There are definitely some that are better skilled than others (Kwali and the 2Ns), and some that are less inclined than others (Phyre). But they are all capable and willing to a greater or lesser extent

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