Biology 101: zebra + lion = wind

9 06 2011

We followed a weak telemetry signal into Ngamo today (7th June) and tracked down our pride in the Hwange area. Kenge, Ashanti and Kwali littered the road so we coursed our vehicle slowly around them through the grass to avoid disturbing them. As luck would have it our little diversion lead us to Phyre, Narnia, Milo, Athena and AT1 on a zebra kill, three days since their last.

Most of the lions present appeared comatose with only the occasional amusing burst of flatulence signaling life (not to worry, our research team doesn’t judge…).

The pride spent the rest of the day again passing to and fro between the carcass and a nearby water hole.

As most of the pride drank little AT1 took to the branches of a familiar tree.

Déjà vu set in upon our researcher and a little lump formed in her throat as she admired how much the little cub has grown since similar scenes were observed in February.




3 responses

9 06 2011
Joyce Kinton

AT1 is the pride of the pride !! she is beautiful and clever and VERY mischeivous !!
Its easy to see why people love her…..stay as young and sweet as you are AT1 xxx

9 06 2011
Fiona Barnes

Is she the sister of any of the cubs currently at Antelope Park?

9 06 2011

Hi Fiona. I assume you are referring to AT1. She is the offspring of Athena and Milo, born within the release site.

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