She may be small, but she has attitude!

6 06 2011

Today (5th June) We found most of the Ngamo pride polishing off the bones of yesterdays zebra kill.  The day was spent mostly passing between the dinner table and water hole one and by now all lions were verging on obesity!

However there was no sign of AT1 at the carcass. We have seen mother Athena tuck her little one away during a hunt and kill to remain out of harms way during the aggressive scuffles over meat then call for her to join once the pecking order has been established amongst the adults.

By the afternoon session most of the carcass had been consumed but there was still no sign of the cub. Eventually Athena moved off from feeding and began to call into the distance. We heard and then saw the rustling of grass from a nearby hillside followed by an elated little AT1 bounding over to her mum. Both greeted one another affectionately before Athena led her to the zebra carcass. AT1 proceeded to greet father Milo and squeeze in next to him over a few ribs. By now all the females had begun to head to the water hole and Athena also needed to quench her thirst. She began to call AT1 once again in hopes she would follow her but the little lioness was preoccupied with some juicy zebra meat.

So far we have seen Milo sharing his meals most tolerably with his daughter but it appeared she had caught him at a bad moment today. The growls grew and grew as AT1 pushed her luck and eventually Milo turned and appeared to give AT1 a warning nip on the head. In delight to our researcher though the little lioness showed how small can also be fierce and she fought back!

AT1 stood her ground and gave dad a good bat around the snout whilst ferociously spitting. Eventually both great and small called a truce and continued to feed together peacefully.




2 responses

6 06 2011
Joyce Kinton

AT1 is realy growing up now ! I imagine shes like a young teenager and is throwing her weight around !!!
At long last the pride’s fasting is over and they all had their share of the kill..
Be careful though AT1 dads got a temper ! but he loves his little girl xxx

13 06 2011

AT1 will be an amazing asset to the pride, should she survive her first year — such a strong, determined young lady! She also knows how to win her baba over: Like any cheeky ‘Daddy’s Girl’, she can and does everything in her power to make her father surrender his will.. Such a wonderful asset to the pride! Snaps, to Miss AT1!! xx

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