Kwali: Portrait of a lone huntress

6 06 2011

We drove into the Ngamo release site on the 4th June heading to the dry grassy plains of the Serengeti East area and were met with the distinct growls and snarls of lions fighting over food. We pulled down the Mara Cross Route road to find most of the pride feasting on what appeared to have been a sub-adult zebra. Milo as usual spent most of the morning chasing the females away from his breakfast but showed his soft spot for his little girl AT1 by allowing her to nibble alongside him on a few ribs.

Yet there was one female missing; Kwali.

We picked up a signal from our telemetry set for the missing lion in the Masai Mara area. Being one of the most sociable pride members it was unusual for Kwali to be found lingering alone so we headed towards her direction to investigate. As we passed along Route 66 we were met by a herd of 6 rather flustered zebra.  Their distress soon became apparent as we found Kwali panting heavily next to a huge zebra kill! A closer inspection of the as yet untouched carcass suggested she had possibly made the kill whilst our team has been observing the other gorging lions. The carcass was of an adult female zebra, weighing maybe 300kg, and with Kwali weighing only 125kg at the most this was quite an achievement for the lone huntress!




One response

6 06 2011

Wow! Kwali must be quite a determined lioness, if she is prepared to tackle an animal twice her own weight, on her own! Such an extraordinary amount of courage!! Kudos, to the lone huntress, upon her successful hunt — hope she got the “lion’s share”!! 🙂

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