Reasons for being punctual

4 06 2011

It would seem the icy weather that has fallen upon Ngamo this past week has made our lions somewhat restless. After wandering the release site for most of the day we caught up with the pride for a quick rest in the Tree Tops area.

Not before long though the females were up on their paws again and began to head towards Leopard Tree.

The bitterly cold wind blasted through the straw-like grass as Ashanti caught sight of something in the distance. She slowly began to flank right into the undergrowth with sister Athena following intently. Both sisters reappeared on Route 66 before tip-toeing further into the mixed woodland. No other lions were to be seen and the light was beginning to fade.

With no suitable red-filtered torch to follow the lions with on the hunt, our researcher decided it was best to leave them to it. But just as the data sheets were being packed away a piercing shriek was heard in the distance … an impala kill!!!

We raced the vehicle along Route 66 and down Forest Drive South to find six dimly lit lions battling over an impala carcass in the Hwange area. Splutters and growls echoed through the gully when the missing female, Nala, emerged from a nearby thicket. Our hearts went out to her as not a scrap was left for her to devour and it was immediately obvious no one was willing to share.




One response

4 06 2011
Joyce Kinton

Its hard to imagine it being sooo cold in South Africa !!
The ladies managed a kill but poor Nala got none…
I suppose thats the way of it out there in the wild…first come, first served..
Lets hope there will be another chance for her at the next kill…

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