Importance of Stretching

1 06 2011

We followed the pride, after numerous hours without activity, into the Amboseli/Camp area today (30th May). Suddenly one of the females darted into a dense thicket.  All the other females froze vigilant to the vegetation and our engine was switched off.

Kenge, Athena and Nala began to flank the thicket stepping over the playful bites and battings of AT1, unawares that a hunt was on!

Ashanti also began to head stealthily into the thicket and finally AT1 appeared to cotton onto the situation at hand.

Unfortunately less can be said for Milo. As the females ached to try not even rustle a single leaf, sir stumbled up to a nearby tree to stretch his claws and let out a loooong low groan of satisfaction. Our researcher cringed at the thought of potential prey hearing his racket.

Phyre then appeared, completely transfixed upon the unknown prey in the thicket, and it would seem her body language spoke a thousand words as Milo finally piped down and sat patiently in silence.

Phyre too disappeared into the thicket, leaving father and daughter waiting in suspense…The tension was abruptly broken by the sound of breaking branches and fleeing impala. One male was spotted leaping to freedom into the open grass plain of Amboseli whilst another ran smack-bang into the path of Milo!  The impala swerved and Milo rose and gave chase!!  For a whole 30m!! Unfortunately Milo’s stretching exercises seem not to have sufficiently warmed his hunting muscles as the impala slipped easily out of his reach and into the grassed plains.




One response

1 06 2011

Poor Milo, at least he tried lol! Better luck next time 🙂

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