Aunt Narnia steps in when dad gets rough

30 05 2011

We joined the Ngamo pride in the Camp area on the 25th May. Whilst the lions basked in the sun our team spotted a herd of 7 impala in the scrub some 30m from the cats.

Pleas, under our researchers breath obviously, were heard for the lions to notice said impala; and quickly all females stood to attention. Unfortunately the wind was not in their favor but Nala had already devised a plan.

As the strong breeze wafted their scent directly to the herd she attempted to slink around them to a downwind position. Narnia and Kenge followed slowly, hiding behind the swaying grass whilst Athena took up the slack along the parallel running Great North road on the other side of the herd. Unfortunately before any action took place the impala had already sniffed out the lions and fled into Etosha.

On the 26th May we were treated to a highly entertaining morning observing father Milo and daughter AT1 engage in a game of ‘pretend-to-be-asleep…then chase!’. AT1 crept gingerly towards what she thought was a sleeping lion only to be then chased by the +200kg beast. This game continued for 15mins until Milo’s size and power overwhelmed little AT1 causing her to cry out and alerting Narnia to come to her rescue. Narnia leapt to her paws and sprinted to AT1 chasing Milo away.




One response

13 06 2011

Snaps to Narnia, for wanting to protect her niece! 😉
As time goes by, the lions of Ngamo are fast becoming more like friends, than animals merely to be read about; I look forward to reading about their antics!! So sweet and funny! 🙂

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