Like ghosts in the morning light

25 05 2011

We drove into a ghostly scene on the morning of the 22nd May.  A heavy mist hung thick and silent over Ngamo.  Bare, black, tree branches jutted in the air like skeletal fingers as the muted sunrays dimly lit the sky.

As silent as the air that hung around him, Milo drifted along the road into the Tree Tops area in search of the females. Our lionesses though were in no mood for sleeping and decided to take full advantage of the weather conditions. Phyre lead the pride along Forest North Drive road into the dense mopane woodland of the Valley and Hwange areas.

Each lioness wisped away into the foggy undergrowth on the prowl eventually gathering along Route 66. All froze and a pin drop could be heard, but unfortunately not an impala.

The group continued south into the Camp area where luck would have it, a small herd of impala were browsing upon the dewy leaves of some bushes. Nala flanked to the right while the others continued forward, crouched low.

The fog meant our visual was poor and our research team daren’t turn on the vehicle for risk of scaring away the potential prey. Suddenly one impala began to sprint straight towards the firing line of some of our lionesses but became changed course in the nick of time. Another bolted towards the other side of the scrub and visual the impala was lost.

Our lionesses were left defeated in the emerging sun bathing Ngamo after its misty start to the day.




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