Rapture day for an impala

23 05 2011

We followed the Ngamo pride slowly down into the Tree Tops area this morning (21st May) from Etosha; tension brewing in the air…

The females paused for a drink from water hole three while AT1 stalked and pounced upon everyone within her vicinity. Milo collapsed upon the sandy road; his hot breathe condensing into bellowing swirls in the cold morning air. Phyre moved back up to the road and gazed amongst the scrub before leading a procession with a loud roar back up towards Etosha. Milo picked himself up reluctantly and too began to follow the lionesses. Unfortunately for our team our vehicle decided it did not care to follow and promptly broke down…

As the pride disappeared out of view over the brow of the hill we were able to breathe life back into our 4×4 and catch up with the lions. We quickly slammed on the brakes when we reached Etosha as all females appeared frozen and focused upon something in the grass. The engine was switched off and we sat in silence as each lioness began to peel off into the grass. Milo by this time had also switched his engine off and watched leisurely as his ladies attempted to catch breakfast.

Our visuals of all the females had now disappeared so we decided to try to edge further along the road slowly to find them without disturbing the hunt…the keys were turned, the heater plugs clicked, but nothing happened. Just as our team tried to assess again what was wrong with our vehicle Milo leapt to life and sprinted into the grass. A rumble of low growls was heard and grass was seen swaying frantically. The kill had been made!! But we couldn’t see!!!!!!

We soon heard the distinct sound of skin tearing and bones crunching but not even a flickering tail was seen. After 20mins we managed to get our vehicle running again and raced to the scene of the kill; where not a scrap could be seen.  Athena, Narnia, Phyre and Kwali all licked their reddened lips and paws whilst AT1 frolicked around the blood stained grass.

The amount of blood, faeces and the small remains of a shin indicated an impala had met its fate on rapture day.




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