Ashanti: mother to be?

20 05 2011

We joined the Ngamo pride whilst they patrolled the boundaries of their territory this morning (19th May).  They all stopped briefly for a drink from water hole 3 while AT1 practiced her stalking skills on some vulnerable sticks and rocks. It would appear though that one rock got the better of her and sent her rolling into the water hole…

By early afternoon the lions had settled in the Amboseli area but one lioness was struggling to get comfortable. Although not due until next month Ashanti is often appearing restless and uncomfortable. Fortunately her fellow pride member Nala was there to offer some soothing social licking in an attempt to relax the likely pregnant lioness.

Meanwhile AT1 kept herself and our research team highly entertained by mimicking dad’s sleeping positions.




One response

20 05 2011
Joyce Kinton

So ther is to be a baby to Athena…thats such good news…
Lionesses seem to be like women, a bit uncomfortable when they need some TLC..aawww thank goodness for Nala..quite amazing to see the pride taking care of each other….
I do pray this little one will survive, bringing something of a playmate for AT1..

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