Survival strategies

18 05 2011

We found our lionesses loitering around water hole 3 on the morning of the 16th May. With three water holes in Ngamo our lions are never left thirsty although lions will often go for days without needing to drink as they retain large amounts from what they eat.

What is interesting is perhaps that our lionesses are beginning to work out game can often be found at water holes. For most of our pride this is their first experience in a semi-wild environment during the dry season and thus a substantial survival challenge.

Research conducted upon wild lions in the Serengeti has shown that the vast majority of prides will base their territories around the confluences of rivers where water is nearly always available and therefore constantly attracts prey species to drink.  Are the Ngamo lot also beginning to use the water holes as a means of tracking down game?

While the females tiptoed around the water hole, AT1 took it upon herself to try and obtain an aerial view for any game.

On the 17th May our research team panicked as we witnessed what we thought from a distance was a battle between Phyre, Kwali, Nala and Narnia and an extremely large cobra! We raced closer only to discover a very large rock monitor lizard sizing himself up to the lionesses.  Whilst most soon lost interest, Nala was determined to show the reptile who was boss. She hissed, the lizard hissed, she paced, the lizard paced, she roared…and the lizard fled! Well done Nala!




One response

18 05 2011
Joyce Kinton

My goodness,is that “little” AT1 ? shes growing up fast !!!!!!
I love the story of the Cobra…The ladies are very good at shooing away unwelcome visitors !! They coud scare A Cobra too !!

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