Milo nearly exerts himself

16 05 2011

After an extremely cold early morning session on the 14th May and a flat car battery our research team were all too happy to re-enter Ngamo in the afternoon sun.

We found the gang resting in Etosha, an area we haven’t found them in for sometime and it appeared their luck was in.  A herd of 14 impala emerged out into the open approximately 60m away and Nala was straight on the ball.  She slinked away into the grass whilst the others slept but her interest seemed to disappear with each step and she decided it was best to take leave in the shade of a nearby tree.

We had obtained full signal for Milo from our telemetry set but no visual. Suddenly Kenge and Narnia began to gaze in the distance and we watched Milo appear over the brow of the hill. The impala, which were still grazing unawares, did not immediately spot the Milo approaching but most interestingly when they did they appeared to decide that he posed no real threat to them and carried on eating!

He approached to within 20m of the herd but showed no interest whatsoever in the easy meal. The rest of the females watched intently in the distance perhaps willing him on to exert himself and momentarily this seemed to work. Milo suddenly began to move off course and approach the herd. As he edged closer the impala quickly shuffled back into the safety of the long grass and Milo decided following would just not be worth his while and joined his ladies for an afternoon nap…maybe next time.




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