Winter hardships

14 05 2011

We’ve had a slow couple of days in the Ngamo release site, a mixture of long cat-caps, social grooming sessions and playful games of catch and chase. So we thought we’d share a few photos of some of the highlights.

It would appear the game in Ngamo are forming what are known as ‘hotspots’ as the cold, dry months of winter set in. This is where the herds will gather in specific areas where the vegetation is still edible and nutritious during the dry season. At night the game also concentrates in areas where the temperature is slightly higher due to the topography of the land. Up to now the lions have been able to hunt opportunistically as the game as been dispersed throughout the site, but this is a new learning curve; to understand their territory sufficiently to be able to predict where these “hotspots” are patrol those areas to discover which are being used at any given time by their prey.   So our pride really have their work cut out for them over the coming winter months.




2 responses

14 05 2011
Joyce Kinton

I hope the pride will be able to overcome these winter months when prey will be moving to areas that suits them better….
I imagine this is another lesson they will have to learn to survive being released into an enviroment theyre not used to…
The hunting element is the only way they will survive, and its going to be hard for you David and your team to see their progress..
I will be watching too via youre messages online….

14 05 2011
Joyce Kinton

PS, loved the rainbow too !!

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