So cold the night

10 05 2011

On the 4th May we entered into an icy cold release site for a late night research session. After traipsing back and forth with our telemetry set in the dark we found the females silently moving along Route 66 towards water hole 1. We watched the females as they eerily slipped away into a nearby thicket following the scent of something unbeknown to us. With the red filtered spot light we observed Ashanti stalking with unbelievable precision. Every step was calculated and ever so slowly pressed upon the wet grass in hopes that not a dewdrop would make a sound. The others had become ghosts in the darkness, with only the slightest nudge of a stone indicating there was life within the thicket.

Unfortunately it seemed their efforts were in vain as all lionesses emerged from the thicket for a brief social reaffirmation before disappearing once again under the starlight.




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