Military incursion

10 05 2011

We arrived upon a blissfully serene scene today (8th May) in Ambsoli. All lions were sleeping soundly amongst the swaying grass and AT1 suckled gently at Athena’s teat.

Suddenly Athena leapt to her paws, giving AT1 and the others a fright. All our pride members were soon also posed to pounce, but what for?

Our researcher peered down her binoculars and faintly made out a strange shape hovering above the out-stretched bush. Phyre began to slink off bewildered into the grass as an echoing din began to resonate through us all.

It soon became clear what was causing the disturbance. A low flying, military helicopter was making it’s way straight over Ngamo and kicking up some dust in the process. AT1 shot off into a nearby thicket clearly petrified by the huge noisy bird, while mum and aunties decided to try and chase it away…

Yet as soon as it started the noise and commotion ended. AT1 emerged cautiously from the undergrowth to a reassuring lick from mum. They and the rest of the pride females then took to the shade of a nearby tree for the rest of the day.

Milo, by the way, did not even appear to wake up let alone notice the military invasion…




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