and not forgetting…

7 05 2011

Our research team is feeling a tad guilty. It would seem our blogs have been rather unfairly focused upon a certain little cub and her mother recently, whilst neglecting Ngamo’s other important members….

So we thought we would focus our attentions on the recent happenings of our other lions in hope they will forgive our biases!

Towards the end of April the Ngamo pride were giving the impala a very hard time indeed with plenty of successful hunts.  And their hunting efforts are certainly not fading with fantastic displays of team work being observed almost daily!

On the 1st May we crept behind Athena and Narnia along Forest South Drive road into the Valley area. To our right we watched with bated breath as Kenge glided through the grass, intently focused.  Suddenly in the distance we saw a flash of amber-impala! They darted across the road into the Hwange area with an unknown lioness on their case. We lost visual of the others and silence fell upon the bush. Yet a rustle from a nearby thicket was quickly followed by a fleeing steenbok.  Some drawn out moments later and Phyre appeared lumbering through the grass and collapsing in the road, her steenbok antics obviously becoming too strenuous in the midday heat.




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