The real royal family photo album

29 04 2011

After a brisk walk through Etosha in the morning, with Phyre leading an orderly procession, our lionesses spent most of the 26th sleeping heads to tails in the Camp area; enjoying the late April heat.

On the 27th we observed what appears to be a playful bond between Nala and AT1, two lions that have so far shared few interactions.  Surprisingly it was Nala who initiated the numerous play bouts, although AT1’s disgruntled growls indicated she was playing a little too rough.  Kenge also joined in the infectious play behaviour with the little cub, stalking and leaping upon AT1 giving her a serious fright!

On the 28th we had a fantastic visual of our own Royal family basking in the sun together. Athena lay next to Milo whilst their cub suckled and rested. AT1 soon woke again after a brief nap to then give Milo’s mane a good tug.

We returned to Ngamo that evening for an after-dark research session.   All our females appeared to be on the look out for game as the glided into the Serengeti West area leaving AT1 behind to take to the safety of a nearby thicket.




2 responses

29 04 2011
Joyce Kinton

I neve tire of the lovely pics on your site David….
Yes they are regal and very beautiful xxx

29 04 2011
margaret undery

When I saw the title of this e mail I thought it was going to be the news of future patterings of tiny feet. Get on with it Milo.

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