Imagine chariots of fire!

26 04 2011

After four fairly uneventful hours of research this morning (25th April) our team had quite a shock when they were met by Milo sprinting through the grass; mane blowing in the wind shortly after entering the site for the afternoon. Unsure as to what had caused this uncharacteristic bout of energy we followed his tracks and discovered our pride on an another fresh impala kill.  Milo must have excellent hearing and/or smell to have become aware of this latest raid on the impala herds of the Ngamo release site!

Milo threw himself straight into a tug of war game with a vicious looking Kenge over a large piece already ripped from the carcass.  The remaining six lions battled it out over the remains. Phyre and Kwali both got lucky when they managed to tear away a large portion each before running for cover with their prizes.  Kenge won her war managing to pull her dinner from the jaws of Milo and she too made a quick get-away. Milo soon caught up with her but her growls and snarls were enough to hold him at bay and he remained a respectable distance from her as she fed. Ashanti, Nala, Narnia and Athena settled their squabbles over what was left.

After half an hour or so there was no evidence of an impala left!  Athena called softly for her cub who came out from its hiding place and rewarded with head rubs and squeaks from AT1. Mother and daughter had a quick rest stop by dad; AT1 engaging in a very amusing game of ‘circle the lion’ around Milo who reciprocated by gently batting and biting his little girl.  Her energy was too much to keep up with and he eventually moved off.

The females of the pride slept off the brief excitement and feed whilst AT1 amused herself with their tails.




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