Daddy’s girl

21 04 2011

Our newest member to Ngamo never ceases to entertain our research team. Once again we found our elder pride members trying their best to sleep whilst AT1 (Athena’s cub’s assigned code for data purposes) amused herself with rocks, mum’s tail and Kwali’s paw.

As the day progressed we saw the little cub leap and bound around the Ngamo release site following the pride. Each day our pride covers a substantial distance and these brisk patrols can often be hard for little legs to keep up with. Sensibly AT1 took her time and gave herself plenty of breaks along the way, obviously taking after her father. We observed Milo also taking his time (as usual!) and while the pair lagged behind the lionesses, father and daughter took the opportunity to bond. AT1 lavished affection upon dad like a true daddy’s girl, and Milo returned the gesture with some gentle head rubs.

He did not appreciate however a sneaky nip to the hind and flashed his huge canines to AT1 in disapproval.

In the afternoon AT1 got another lesson in impala hunting. Whilst following Athena and the others into the Etosha area the lionesses soon became vigilant to a large herd of impala. Nala and Narnia flanked left into the grass while Kenge and Kwali took up the rear of the herd. Athena also disappeared into the bush leaving AT1 under the paternal guidance of Milo. Both watched intently from the road when 3 lionesses suddenly burst out of the grass chasing…! A rabbit… Milo also took chase frightening little AT1 and she bolted in the opposite direction for safety.

The females, after failing to catch bugs bunny, began to move off further towards water hole 1 leaving AT1 behind in Etosha. Athena was nowhere to be seen and AT1 was becoming concerned. By now dad had left her unattended and the sun was beginning to set-where was mum??

AT1 ran along the road calling as loudly as she could but with no sign of Athena still. She eventually moved into the towering sea of grass with only her piercing cries indicating her whereabouts. After 15mins our team spotted Athena staring intently across the plains for her cub listening to her cries. She began to glide through the grass until she melted into the gold. Silence fell and by now our team couldn’t bare the suspense. Finally we spotted mother and daughter reunited and begin to head off to join up with the rest of the pride.




One response

21 04 2011
Joyce Kinton

Awwww bless this little, mischevious cub….
Im growing to love her and her antics !!
I just wish we could see her in motion…I hope David comes back soon and we can return to seeing and enjoying this pride…
They are soooo lovable…..
Dont go too far away AT1 xxxx

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