Impala on the menu again

20 04 2011

The Ngamo females were found once again in Amboseli this morning (19th April) announcing their presence to the surrounding area.  As Narnia began the morning roars Athena’s cub finished off the tune with a few squeaks after suckling from mum.

Meanwhile Milo was found slowly making his way through Etosha, no doubt following the bellowing roars and squeaks from Amboseli. He joined his pride and rested close by his brood to also join in the territorial calling. The little cub gawped as dads voice shook through her; watching his every move intently.

Later in the day we found the females had made their way down into the Tree Tops area and all were bearing what appeared to be blood stains…  The girls rested in the shade as they vigorously groomed themselves and batted flies off their noses.  We decided to try and investigate the blood spatter further. We followed a weak signal for Milo deeper into the dense scrub of Tree Tops and found Milo peering over the tall grass at us. Our researcher scoured the immediate area for any sign of a recent kill and eventually spotted the two skinny legs left over from an impala kill!

This is the third impala kill in the last week.  It also appeared our girls got their own back. A previous impala kill was completely devoured by Milo with not a single scrap for a single lioness, but the lack of blood and sulky expression upon Milo’s face may have indicated he missed brunch today.




One response

20 04 2011
Joyce Kinton

Good for you girls !!!! Girl power !!!!
The little one is making my day… to hear her antics…
What a shame shes has no siblings to cause more meyhem with !
Look forward to the next chapter in the lives of this tribe….

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