A permanent fixture

17 04 2011

Midday on the 13th and Kenge joins Kwali and Phyre for a cat nap.  She only has one cub with her indicating that she has lost one.  By mid-afternoon the pride is resting in the Amboseli area; Ashanti leading the pride in chorus to announce their presence.

As darkness begins to fall the pride of females start a journey towards the Kruger part of the site, Athena’s little one bringing up the rear.

Early on the 14th and Ashanti, Nala and Narnia are hot on the tail of a herd of impala.  Its not clear who made the kill but what is clear is that Milo immediately appropriated the kill and refused to let the others near it, despite Kenge putting up a quite a fight.  Ashanti bides her time by engaging with a prolonged social licking session with Phyre.

Athena’s cub is now a permanent fixture within the pride dynamic and is seen playing with the others in turn; today this is first with Narnia, then Phyre followed by Ashanti before returning to Narnia.  As the pride gradually falls into a peaceful slumber the cub finds ways to amuse itself with plants and stick strewn around.  Kenge continues to try and fight Milo for the remains of the carcass; without success.




3 responses

17 04 2011

Poor Kenge, she doesn’t want to lose the other cub, Milo needs to learn to share or the family won’t grow.

17 04 2011
Joyce Kinton

Is there any idea where the missing cub could be ?
Is he / she ok left alone ?
Good news of the kill,well for the pride anyway !!
Naughty Milo !! hope they all got a taste !!
Love your updates, when David comes back onto our Tv screen we will all be clued up ready !! Best wishes…Joyce xxxx

17 04 2011

I love Ngamo pride! Thank you so much for sharing their lives with us!

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