Playing with Phyre

11 04 2011

The whole pride (except Kenge + 2) were chilling out in the Masai Mara area early in the morning (7th April); staying there for the whole day.  The following morning the situation looked exactly the same, except the pride had relocated to the Kruger area. Several of the females attempted to approach Athena’s cub, but were rebuffed by its mother each time.  Later that morning whilst Athena was suckling, Milo came over and started to lick the cub before mum, dad and cub settled in for a snooze next to each other; the other females close by.

Milo, who has been seen playing with his offspring over the past week or so started up a game of chase with the little one, each taking turns to chase the other.  Athena then called for its attention as she walked over to greet Ashanti, looking back at the cub almost like she was trying to show it what she had just done.

Later both Ashanti and Nala played with the cub, although Athena seems quite nervous when either Ashanti or Kwali approach it.  The pride moved to the Tree Tops area, cub in tow to spend the night.

The morning of the 9th April and Athena and her cub were seen in a procession of lions through the Kruger area of the site.  The cub is clearly now strong enough to keep up with the pride and we expect that it will now be a permanent member of the group.

During a pit stop the cub was observed jumping around on Phyre’s back who seemed quite fine with this turn of events.  It was then Nala and Narnia’s turn to play with the little one before the pride moved on again.




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