Pride interactions

6 04 2011

Early morning (4th April) and the pride, excluding Kenge and her cubs, are hanging out in the Amboseli area.  Athena’s three cubs are all in attendance when one decides to try and stalk Narnia but is quickly spotted and encouraged to stop.  The same cub then approached Ashanti who gave it a good sniff before mum collected it and return it to its siblings.  A few minutes later Athena and family get up and disappear into the long grass.  Milo sniffs the ground where Athena and the cubs were and then follows them into the Bush.

Kenge is in Serengeti West with her cubs that seem to be quite happy exploring a large rock outcrop that has created a variety of tunnels for them to investigate.

And that is how the lions spent the whole day; sleeping peacefully in their sub-groups.






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