Together again

4 04 2011

Athena was found alone this morning (31 March) walking through the Valley area towards Tree Tops.  The sound of zebra alarm calls could be heard and as Athena continued her patrol the telemetry indicated that both Ashanti and Milo were up ahead.  Soon, signal was received for Nala, Narnia, Phyre and Kwali who were resting together at the top of the Tree Tops area.

Athena joined them, and soon after, so did Ashanti and Milo.  The pride remained vigilant towards passing animals, including a herd of impala, but no attempted hunt was observed.  Kenge, according to her radio collar is still on the far side of the site in Serengeti West.

Later in the day Milo had relocated to the Masai Mara area whilst the girls had stayed put near waterhole three, although Kenge had made the long journey to join them.  This is further evidence that Kenge’s cubs are old enough to be left on their own for periods and we expect to be getting more visuals of her duo over the coming days as they become more mobile.

As dusk started to fall Phyre led the pride into the Kruger section of the site; all lions clearly looking for dinner.

The following morning and the pride had clearly failed in their hunting attempts overnight.  The girls were found in Amboseli but Kenge had now left the pride to return to her den and Milo had joined.  The pride enjoyed a roaring session whilst Nala and Narnia chased each other around in play.

Later the pride (ex. Milo and Kenge) returned to waterhole three giving all impala they encountered enroute a hard time.

Darkness fell on the Ngamo release site and our research team entered the night life of the pride.  Clearly hungry and active our pride was on the move again.  With Athena and Kenge in attendance the girls moved silently towards the Kruger area.

Seemingly, no kill was made; but a zebra was seen with a fresh wound on its thigh as the sun rose on a new day.  Even the most dynamic hunting group can miss occasionally!




2 responses

4 04 2011
Joyce Kinton

Someone said Athena had delivered a cub (yesterday )…..
Is that true ?
I dont think she would leave the cub at all being so small and vulnerable ?
My love to the pride and how things are well for them..
I hope they can get a meal soon !! BW Joyce xx

4 04 2011

Athena had three cubs in January, whilst Kenge had two in February. Both mother’s will leave their cubs unattended, safe in their den, for extended periods until they are old enough to join and move with the pride full time.

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