The story so far

3 04 2011

Whilst the daily lives of the Ngamo release pride are of course a fascinating read and allows us a unique insight into the trials and tribulations of a pride of lions, we must remember why this pride is so important.  The aim of the program is that the cubs born within Ngamo will be released into the wild following well-practiced reintroduction protocols; which will mean their release is pegged for 2013 or 2014.

But what is vital to know is whether these cubs are being raised in a natural way within their semi-wild environment; will they have the survival skills of a wild-born cub in order to be able to take on the challenges that lie ahead?

A key indicator of that is whether the pride is behaving in a way we would expect of a wild pride; can they hunt for themselves, is their social structure to be expected; are their behaviour normal.  If the answer is yes then we can reasonably expect that the cubs born to the pride will have the same chances of success upon release as any wild borne lion.

Daily our research team is collecting data on a whole range of behaviours to compare to what is known of wild lions.  Here we present a a summary of the success of the Ngamo Release Pride to date, looking at just some of those research data.

So please take a moment to read our report, available here.

We also ask for your help to continue to provide the conditions necessary for these lions to continue their journey to freedom, whilst giving other lions in the program the same opportunity.  Please visit our “Support the Pride” page as well as our “Competition” page.  Or click on the donation link below.

Donation Online button

With love to all the mothers on this day, and in particular our most precious mothers; Athena and Kenge.

The ALERT Team




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3 04 2011
margaret undery

Milo and Phyre – get on with it and make David a proud father and me a proud granny

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