Lessons in roaring

1 04 2011

We meandered our way down into the Amboseli area this morning (30th March) following a ruckus coming from our pride. Every lion appeared to have full lungs and were certainly using them to signify that Ngamo was THEIR territory.

We noted all pride members except for Kenge, to be present but amongst the bellowing roars we heard some familiar squeaks. We soon spotted Athena leading her bouncing cubs along the road, so we followed slowly to see where they were headed.

They circled a nearby thicket and landed directly in Milos patrolling pathway. As dad edged closer the cubs began to vocalize.  Rather than ignoring them Milo approached his cubs directly then sprinted through the threesome. He showed no aggression whilst doing so and continued this ritual numerous times. The cubs seemed to revel in this game of sprint and chase, and perhaps it was Milos idea of play also.

Eventually mum led them away but not before a quick lesson in roaring. As one of the lionesses kicked off the chorus the others all too joined in and the cubs also gave it their all. Our research team giggled as they observed the three squeak and screech their loudest amongst the ominous calls of the Ngamo pride.





One response

1 04 2011
Joyce Kinton

Just another day in Lion Counry….
How impessive it is to follow the pride wherever they go, see what theyre up to day by day…..The pride seems to ignore the precense of people and their trucks.That allows more time for studying them and seeing that the lions are ok… woderful thing those collars are, acting as radar so David can follow much closer…..wonderful journey alongside the “King of the Jungle” xx

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