Strangers in the night

29 03 2011

Our research team rolled out of their warm, comfy beds this morning (28th March) before dawn in hopes of catching some nocturnal mischief in Ngamo. With our red filtered spotlight at the ready we began searching in Masai Mara, then Amboseli, through Etosha, and on to Kruger –  with not an eye shine in sight.

The air was bitterly cold and our patience wearing thin.  Then one of our volunteers spotted a shadowy figure in the distance. Mysteriously our telemetry signal was not indicating any lions to be close by, so who was this stranger in the night?

As we approached further the telemetry quickly woke up bleeping full signal for Milo!  We strained our eyes in the dark and could just make out his full mane hovering in the road. We had obviously caught him during his morning patrol and continued to follow him as he proceeded to scent mark numerous bushes.

As we entered the Tree Tops area we began to pick up signal for six of our females. As the light increased Milo seated himself to watch the sun rise in the distance and fortunately for us the females rose from the bushes and also appeared in the road. The girls were full of energy in the early morning and continued down the road stalking and chasing one another playfully.

By now the sun was warming up the landscape and Milo began to yawn as he moved off to find a resting spot for the day.





One response

29 03 2011
Joyce Kinton

Just another day in the life of these facinating animals……
I would love to track them down and follow them on their daily routine…
They still have to eat, so presumably they hadnt had brekkie that day !!!
Love this ongoing saga, thank you for giving us daily news xx

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