Athena’s cubs make a splash

28 03 2011

Amongst the golden dew drops in the shimmering grass we were blessed with a stunning visual this morning (27th march) of Athena and her 3 cubs heading to water hole two.

The rising sun cast beautiful orbs around the fluffy little shumbas, before they gallivanted off after mum into the reeds. Not before long one cub began to climb what appears to have become their favourite tree. Now reaching new heights the other two cubs fancied their own go, unfortunately for one this meant falling a good meter out of the tree into a puddle below with a rather comical splash. But not disheartened the little one clambered straight back up to their perch; dripping wet amongst the branches.

While the rest of the pride slept in Kruger we went to catch up on the elusive Kenge. We approached her den in the Serengeti West area with great caution and were awarded with a visual of mum with her now not-so-tiny cubs. Covered in beautiful black spots, the cubs milled around mum and the den quite contently whilst we recorded our data before leaving them in peace.

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One response

28 03 2011
Joyce Kinton

As of now My finances arent in good state, but I will donate when the time is right…Im so wrapt up in the lives of the Gorgeous Lions now…
I love to read of them and their actions…
Seems I can actualy be there to see them , and thank you David and anyone else involved….beautiful descriptions and pics…Make my day, every day….
Looking forward to the next series of “Lion Country” whenever it may come…
I hope I can distinguish which lion is which !!! Cept for Milo ofcourse !!
Keep us well informed please….regards, Joyce xx

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