A paws reach away

27 03 2011

Firstly, if you have not already visited our competition page then you can do so by clicking here

We met up with some very sleepy lions this morning (26th March) in the Amboseli area.  By 9am the heat and humidity had already begun to build up and our lions tried their best to keep themselves relatively cool. While Milo took to the shade of a nearby thicket the females all laid white bellies up across the road. The thinner skin and paler fur colour on their undersides helps to cool body temperatures when exposed, and this stance was maintained for most of the day.

By our afternoon session we were surprised to find our girls had moved into the Kruger area. Fortunately for them the relentless heat finally gave way to some soothing rain. The sky darkened and the wind picked up when the females then spotted a herd of impala in the distance. Flanking into the grass for cover we lost our visual of them, but in a matter of seconds Kwali burst out from the undergrowth hot on an impalas tail. She was within a paws reach when the impala leapt and bound over the scrub and out of the danger zone. Despite being able to cover 18-20m per second in full charge lions are not as agile as the little antelopes when it comes to slipping through the scrubland at high speed!

The lionesses then regrouped after their defeat and continued upon a patrol of their territory and to look for dinner elsewhere.





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