The hunt is on

26 03 2011

We found some overly energetic lionesses this morning (25th March) in Ngamo.  Whilst Nala, Narnia and Ashanti busied themselves trying to catch a zebra, Phyre occupied herself with a few small birds fluttering in the road.

The chase on zebra started and the girls became separated. We found Ashanti joining up with the rest of the gang a little later panting heavily and in serious need of a time-out!

Yet the quick sprint did not deter the females from further hunting attempts. They then proceeded up into the Camp area to stalk and chase a small grazing herd of impala which quickly dispersed left, right and centre; even Phyre giving the antelope a run for their money! Unfortunately the impala used their agility and the scrub habitat to their best advantage and managed to escape unharmed.

By now the females were exhausted and took rest under some nearby trees for the day. All the while, Milo exerted his energy by occasionally rolling over in his grassy bed in the Masai Mara.

Before we left Ngamo for the day we passed water hole 1 to check water levels and were delighted to find Athena returning from somewhere to her extremely vocal cubs. All bounded over mum in the fading light screeching with happiness and no doubt in high hopes for a feed!





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