Kwali under fire

25 03 2011

Since the 18th we’ve had numerous sightings of Kenge and Athena with their cubs. Kenge has now moved to her 7th den and we estimate her cubs to be reaching approximately 5 weeks old now. Both cubs are becoming more mobile and therefore more curious around the den, which is keeping Kenge on her toes.

We’ve also seen Athena continue to bring her threesome out more and more.

Another zebra kill was found the morning of the 20th setting the perfect family breakfast scene with Milo, Athena and cubs all gathered around.

Part of the data we are collecting and analyzing upon the pride is focused upon social interactions. From this data we can obtain a greater understanding of bonds and social dominance within the pride. With the long absences of Kenge and Athena, and the slow integration of cubs, the pride’s social structure has come under some strain recently.  This was highlighted on the 24th by a brief scuffle directed towards Kwali.  Whilst sleeping soundly Ashanti and Narnia rose and began to cautiously approach Kwali.  Kwali woke and was instantly threatened by the circling lionesses, but before she could move away Ashanti and Narnia gave her a quick, sharp bite and clap around the rump. A huge roaring chorus followed and all then settled down again. Pride members will occasionally ‘test’ their dominance over others, especially when the pride is in flux, as is the case at the moment.





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