What’s a boy to do?

21 03 2011

We thought it was time to have a look at the data and see how Milo is interacting with his females.  We took the last 100 research sessions and the data collected on the group dynamic and social interaction.  The group dynamic records which lions are present together, who their nearest neighbour at that time is and what distance they are to them.  The social interaction data looks at who initiates an interaction and towards which other lion.

Using the first sighting of Milo on each of these research sessions we get the following:

8% of occasions we did not say Milo or were unable to determine the group dynamic

35% of occasions Milo was found on his own

57% of occasions Milo was with at least one female

Of the times when Milo was with at least one female the breakdown was as follows:

10.5% – one lion  (4 out of the 6 occasions was during mating of either Ashanti or Phyre)

1.7% – two lions, 3.5% – three lions, 12.3% – four lions, 29.8% – five lions, 33.3% – 6 lions

8.8% – all seven female lions were present.  This is lower than expected but can be explained by the regular departure from the pride by Athena and Kenge who were tending young cubs during this period.

The females most least likely to be in the group that Milo was found with were Kenge (31.6%) and Athena (38.6%) due to their frequent departure from the rest of the pride females to tend cubs.  Of the other five Kwali and Narnia were equal on 77.2%, Nala at 80.7%, Ashanti at 87.7% and Phyre on 91.2% was the female most likely to be in the group that Milo was found with.

Milo seems to have clear preferences for his nearest neighbour, however the lion he is least likely to be his nearest neighbour (Kenge: 7%) is also the lion he is likely to be closest to when she is (1.33m)








Turning to Milo’s social interactions over this period (10 Feb to 18 Mar) we observed Milo initiating only one social interaction; towards Phyre.

He received 29 interactions as follows although this data is heavily influenced by Athena and Kenge being away from the pride a lot and Ashanti and Phyre both being on heat during some of this time:







So, there is a little insight about what a boy does; make of it what you will.




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