Girls and Boys

20 03 2011

We found five of our girls wondering the Camp area of Ngamo this morning (16th March) with bellies still swaying from two huge feasts this week. All eventually settled down for the day in the long golden grass so our team headed elsewhere to find Milo and the two mothers, Kenge and Athena.

Our telemetry signal indicated Kenge to still be located within the thicktet where we last spotted her. Her recent behaviour towards our vehicle has indicated her discomfort with our presence so we took a GPS point from a respectable distance along the road and continued to try and find Athena.

Meanwhile the father of the pride was fast asleep amongst the scrub in the Tree Tops area and after a quick snoop at our arrival there was little activity from him.

Our team traipsed around Ngamo eventually to the Masai Mara area following full signal for Athena. We rambled a little off- road some to try and obtain a more accurate location and were lucky enough to find the four resting out in the open by a small bush. As the sun and temperature began to drop the cubs desire to play rose rapidly and all three began to clamber over mum.

We are still astounded by the condition and vitality of these cubs every time we see them. Their behaviour as well as mums is being closely monitored to record their development and also to try and begin determining genders.  We are reasonably confident that the litter contains one female and one male, but its anyone’s guess as to what the third cub is at this moment.  Much discussion (and betting) has been going on amongst the team on what the gender split will be.





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