Seeing stripes

15 03 2011

We rumbled into Ngamo mid afternoon today (12th March) and were met by some of the resident zebra who have remained fairly elusive over the past few weeks. There was very weak signal for our pride and the relaxed behaviour of the herd suggested no cats where close by.

We decided to then drive deeper into the Ngamo veldt to seek out the lions when our researcher spotted damning evidence of them; a fresh flesh wound upon one of the zebra’s hind-quarters…

We ploughed through the woodland along Route 66 heading to signal coming from the Valley area. Bleeps from our telemetry receiver grew stronger and stronger and low and behold we found a fresh zebra kill!!!

As we switched off our engine a blood spattered face looked up from a still fairly intact carcass. Kwali appeared utterly elated with her prize alongside Ashanti who was far to busy still playing with the kill to even begin feeding.  Signal showed other females Nala, Narnia and Phyre to also be present but we could not obtain a visual. We stayed put with the frisky felines for the rest of the afternoon watching as our girls rolled around the defeated zebra in pure satisfaction and delight. Eventually the real feeding began intertwined with the occasional giddy batting of limbs and pouncing on stripy sides.

It fantastic to see the diversity of animals our pride are taking down; from steenbok to zebra it goes to show size isn’t everything when hunting!




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