Kenge re-homes her brood

7 03 2011

We found the Ngamo gang lounging around once again in the Valley area of the release site, obviously their new favourite spot. Earlier on we passed by water hole 2 to check on the whereabouts on our elusive mother Kenge. Strong telemetry signal indicated she has moved some 70m east of the water hole into a new even denser thicket and an even harder area to penetrate on wheels! It is normal behaviour for a female to move her cubs to new den sites periodically. This is to prevent any risk of other predators becoming aware of a den. Even in Ngamo these young cubs are at risk from snakes and larger birds of prey, but by moving from den to den mum can prevent such predators catching onto their scent.

Athena spent the day amongst the pride and a good visual allowed us to observe her teats closely. It appears that she is still suckling a very secretive cub yet we are still to see and/or hear any further evidence of it since our visual on the 21st Feb.





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