Phyre catches breakfast…

5 03 2011

We detected very weak signal for the Ngamo pride early in the morning (4th Mar) as we drove in to the site.  We passed by water hole 2 before trying to track them down to check up on mums Athena and Kenge.  Signal indicated Kenge was still cooped up with her little ones, whilst Athena appeared to be mobile.

We decided to head down towards the Serengeti East area following bleeps from the telemetry when suddenly our volunteer spotted Phyre burst out from the tall grass with the rest of the pride hot on her tail. We quickly stepped on the gas to catch up and found Phyre holding her ground whilst also holding a male Steenbok between her teeth!  We had obviously just missed the hunt and kill as the little antelope appeared to have only just been disemboweled. Phyre is not known for her hunting prowess so it is good to see that she is getting more involved in this aspect of pride life.

Using her size and aggressive nature to her best advantage, Phyre walked off with her prized breakfast to enjoy alone whilst the others, including Milo (!!!) sat back and waited patiently. Eventually Ashanti grew impatient and managed to rip away half the kill for herself and to tease Milo with. Nala and Narnia managed to grab a scrap or two from the commotion, Narnia happily strolling away with the scalp and horns! Unfortunately being the smallest antelope species we have in Ngamo there wasn’t much left to go around for the rest of the lions, including Athena who had just joined the group.

Eventually with a few bellies still grumbling the pride left the dinner table to go sleep off the excitement for the rest of the day.’




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