Lazy days

5 03 2011

An exceptionally lazy day in Ngamo today (3rd March). We found our pride in the Valley area mingling within the long grass.   Milo was spotted once again being left behind by the girls as they headed elsewhere.  We followed behind slowly and watched as Ashanti crept into a nearby thicket with some caution.  Phyre and Kwali soon followed suit and we lost visual of them in the dense vegetation. We decided to try investigating further what exactly had lured the girls into the bush only to find three very relaxed lionesses spread out amongst the grass. Nala, Narnia and Milo soon joined the sleep over and the pride remained there throughout the day.

Signal indicated that both Athena and Kenge were once again located in their respective dens by water hole two.  Silence shattering cries were heard from the tiny shumbas hidden deep within the bush.




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