Kenge rejoins the pride for some “girl-time”

4 03 2011

Phyre & Kenge catch up on some "girl-time"

The research team headed straight to the Etosha area of the site first thing in the morning to find the girls, including Kenge, resting in the road amongst the dew drops. Visual of Kenge showed her to be in great condition and still suckling. Her numerous days of laying up with her cubs had obviously built up excess energy and not before long she was up and about; with the pride following in tow. They moved off in unison to the Amboseli area before resting again some more, but Kenge was in no mood to dawdle and continued to pace and explore the area.

As we ventured into the release site later in the day we gave ourselves and Milo a bit of a shock as, not seeing him in the long grass, we drove a little too close.   The team only saw him as he bolted away from the approaching vehicle looking somewhat bewildered by our brazen advance to him!  After a couple of apologies he quickly returned to his busy schedule of lazying in the grass.

The females had not moved an inch since we left them a few hours previously, but the alarm calls of some nearby impala raised a few heads and got a few tails flickering. Our researcher soon spotted the cause for commotion-a small herd were busy having a staring competition with Milo upon the hill in the Masai Mara area, yet Milo, true to the male lion stereotype, lost this contest as he resumed his nap…

We were very relieved as we approached water hole 2 to get a signal indicating that Athena was back within her suspected den. Her recent behaviour and prolonged absence from her den was raising concerns but all seemed to be well. Her hostile attitude to the vehicle; crouching low to the ground, ears flattened, further lessened our concerns that she had lost her cub.  Such behaviour was last noted when we found her with her cub some weeks ago, so perhaps this was an indication that her little one was close by.




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