Is that a snake? *#&%! YES!

1 03 2011


We caught up with the girls in the Masai Mara area today, basking in the sun and reaffirming social bonds with some intense grooming sessions.

Kenge appears to have moved her den some 40m to another well hidden thicket, while Milo spent most of the day loitering around the Camp area alone.   We are a bit concerned about Athena.  Over the last couple of days she has been around, including spending some time with Kenge; even staying with Kenge’s cubs when their mother went off to stretch her legs for a bit.  That in itself is normal, however our research team has noted that she seems restless, often moving off before returning to the pride.  Of course this restlesness could be due to the fact that she is interested in Kenge’s litter as well as this private female is having to put up with the comings and goings of the whole pride near her den site since the more amenable Kenge moved her den to a site very close to Athena.

Its a big learning experience for our new mothers as well as for our research team observing the first cubs born in a wild environment within the program.  And, as we have said many times before, survival rates of first litters is low.  All we can do it wait and see.

Its not just the lions that are having to deal with everything that comes with living in a natural environment.  Our research team was on their way to track the lions in the afternoon, and had a bit of a shock to say the least when the driver spotted a 3m cobra slithering away by the tyre and potentially slithering up into the vehicle – don’t forget, no speedy exit is possible due to the presence of lions all around!

Never a dull moment in Ngamo!




One response

1 03 2011
maegaret undery

I don`t like snakes; in fact, I hate them. Let`s hope the lions steer clear; they are not a play thing

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