The clouds roll in; the girls rolls out…

28 02 2011

A fairly slow day in Ngamo but we did manage to catch up with most of the pride. Unfortunately the hot and sunny weather has left once again to leave behind cold clouds and drizzle. As our team piled on the layers this morning our sympathies went out to a damp Milo sat alone in the chilly breeze!

The clouds parted as the day progressed to cast a ray or two upon five girls gathering in the Serengeti area.  Most of the session was spent watching Phyre and Ashanti pamper one another.

In the afternoon we managed to spot Athena resting close by to where Kenge is currently denning with her two cubs. We noted Athena leaving her den yesterday evening to presumably catch up with her pride mates, but perhaps the little squeaks and growls of Kenge’s spotted twosome caught her curiosity.

On our way out of the site we bumped into the five girls again, this time full of energy and on the move. We will find out where they were headed for in morning!




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