We were hoping to get a photo of Athena’s cub when this happened…

25 02 2011

Our research adventures yet again strike gold!

Our team ventured out for their mid-morning session to see if Kenge was still located in the same thicket where we have been suspecting she had begun to den.  Earlier this morning Kenge was presumed to still be hiding there as her signal was strong and we watched as the rest of the pride, except for our new mother Athena, also headed into the thicket.  We arrived again later on around 11:30 and found signal indicating the pride and Kenge were still present close to water hole one. 

We decided to investigate the social gathering and  cautiously approached around the back of the thicket.

Déjà vu then set in as our researcher spotted a stunning, spotted, little golden cub! We switched off our vehicle engine immediately and watched the little cub scramble around in the tall grass about half a metre away from mum.

As time progressed our researcher and volunteers soon heard a soft little call;  from a second cub.

We managed to obtain a visual as Kenge repositioned to groom the second little shumba and allowed it to suckle for some time. Eventually the first cub piped up surprisingly loudly, and Kenge quickly approached to give it a good bath and lunch also.

The rest of the pride were all very close; Milo himself being just 3m from the cubs.   Kenge seemed very content to be suckling whilst Dad and the rest of the gang slept in the shade close by.

Both cubs seemed perfectly healthy and Kenge is tending to their every call.  We will be monitoring them over the next few weeks and of course will continue to try and get a photo of Athena’s little one.

Seriously though, please please go to the right hand bar and hit the donate button.  Even a few pounds from everyone that reads this will make a significant difference to ensure the future for these cubs and their release into the wild.  We simply cannot move forward without some financial assistance.




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